“Yapoma” is derived from the Turkish word el yapımı which means handmade. The store is filled with handmade goods that are purchased from artists and crafters around the world.

Crafters often must create large quantities of work and attend craft fairs where there is no guarantee that they will be able to make back their initial investment. It can become very costly for crafters attempting to start or sustain their business! Yapoma works directly with the crafters, purchasing wholesale orders from them. This gives crafters the chance to sell many of their items, instead of just one at a time, giving them a faster return (and profit!), helping them to sustain their business.

Through Yapoma, you have a direct link to the maker of your item. Not only is your money going directly to the crafter, you’re feedback helps them hone their craft while figuring out what it is YOU want as a consumer.

Right now Yapoma exists online and in a “home boutique”. Future plans include an actual brick-and-mortar shop. All sales will go into developing this store and, as always, supporting artists and crafters. Sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media to receive updates on the progress of the brick-and-mortar shop.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us!

Melika Carr
Owner, Photographer
In addition to being the owner of Yapoma, Melika does the product photography, maintains the website and creates photo jewelry, magnets, and books. » Shop Now
Shalini Bhat
Origami Ornaments
Shalini makes intricate origami ornaments by hand, glueing the elements together to create beautiful paper decor. » Shop Now
Deidra Hayes
Kitted and Sewn Goods
Deidra creates knitted goods like fingerless gloves, hats, and scarves as well as hand-sewn potholders, aprons, sachets, and many other products. » Shop Now
Victoria Kaak
Acorn Jewelry and Decor
Victoria creates acorn jewelry and decor. She felts her acorns and also makes some of them with stones and beads. » Shop Now
Fran Stekeetee
In addition to throw pillows and tooth fairy pillows, Fran also makes Kwirky Kritters. Her pillows and kritters are made with gorgeous designer fabrics. We especially love her alien kritters. » Shop Now
Hannah Hurrle
Magnet Sets
Hannah Hurrle has her own business called Catazoa where she sells unique items featuring her original illustrations. » Shop Now
Hedy Ehnita
Earrings, Bath Products
Hedy is always trying and creating new things and we are always impressed with the results! We highly recommend her luxurious ylang ylang shea butter. » Shop Now
Char Deavall
Beaded Bracelets
Charlotte is Anishinaabe from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Inspired by her cultural heritage she designs her artwork on her bead loom using seed beads. » Shop Now
Beth Whitsel
Plushes, Clothe Cacti
Beth sews unique fabric plants, which make great office decor. She also sews little plush creatures like yetis and chupacabras. » Shop Now
Silvia Ferrando
Wearable Art
Silvia is an Argentinian photographer living in Spain. She takes her beautiful photos and creates unique jewelry with the images. » Shop Now